The Generic Stone, 2009

The Generic Stone, Synthetic granite, 2x3 mm, inside the golden capsule it was produced in.
Synthetic granite. Lecture.

Collaboration with Sidsel Meineche Hansen

The Generic Stone is a piece of granite, which is one of the most common types of rock to be found. The mineral piece was produced in a laboratory at the University of Oslo and is a composition of pure chemicals. It is consequently synthetic, yet its chemical composition and structure is identical to that of granite, and in that sense also natural.

The exhibition was completed with a lecture expanding on issues relating to the object’s status, its value, materiality and process of production. From the introduction: “In physics there is no such thing as synergy, or increased power through interactions. In comparison, one can say that the process of creating the stone in principle is, scientifically speaking, without synergy: A certain set of known factors, pure chemicals, are put together in one machine to form a prescribed result: synthetic granite. What is put in is equal to what comes out, producing no new scientific insights. However, unlike physics, the synthetic stone’s transition from one knowledge system to another – from science to design and to art – enables a position where we can talk about knowledge-related synergies, namely that it generates a discourse. In our lecture we will analyze the process and the production of the stone to examine the value and knowledge production in which the project will result.”

Warm thanks to Rune Selbekk, curator of mineralogy at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, for producing the granite with us.