Deterrence and Reassurance

Festspillutstillingen 2024

23.05 - 11.08 2024 / Bergen Kunsthall

The exhibition Deterrence and Reassurance takes the geopolitical situation in the Norwegian High North as starting point, and is a reflection on the presence of the military in the landscape and the social imaginary. The exhibition consists of an installation to walk and sit on in the form of hand-woven rag rugs made from military textiles, as well as screen prints and documentation from an unrealized memorial project.

Photo: Thor Brødreskift

Tilstedeværelse / Presence

Solo exhibition

17.11. 2023 – 06.01.2024 / OSL Contemporary, Oslo

Solo exhibition with works from the project Presence.

Image: Locating the High North (I)

Reclaiming Vision

Group exhibition

29.09. - 02.12.2023 / ISELP, Brussels

The film Reclaiming Vision is on view at ISELP, in dialogue with an exhibition by Maen Florin.

Reclaiming Vision, made in collaboration with Marjolijn Dijkman, is a film featuring microorganisms in the inner Oslo Fjord and Oslo’s newly developed waterfront area Bjørvika. Commissioned by Munchmuseet on the Move, 2018.


Artworks for Evenes Air Station commissioned by KORO


The six silkscreen prints in the series Presence are images in the form of maps showing sections of the so-called «Nordområdene».

Image: I! (2022). Photo: Vegard Kleven

Representation (for people and those who represent them)


Artwork for Bergen City Hall commissioned by City of Bergen

Representation (for people and those who represent them) is an artwork made for Bergen City Hall. The work consists of woven textiles with a design including computer generated images based on people in Bergen. Through the image collection campaign titled Gruppebilde Bergen I collected portraits from residents in Bergen through the Fall and Winter of 2020/2021. The campaign was an open call to the people in Bergen to submit a portrait of themselves. The collected images were used as a training dataset for machine learning in order to generate new portraits for the artwork. The work was completed in the Summer of 2022.

Photo: Bent René Synnevåg

Munch Triennale – The Machine is Us

Group exhibition

01.10 - 11.12.2022 - MUNCH, Oslo

The first edition of the Munch Triennale, titled The Machine is Us, displays works by artists who examine the social impacts of new technologies, and sketch imaginative future scenarios for a society in the midst of digital transformation.

My contribution to the exhibition is a new version of my ongoing series Imaginary Networks (2015-2026).