Sonic Acts Academy,

Conference talk on 'Reclaiming Vision', in collaboration with Marjolijn Dijkman

Presentation of Reclaiming Vision in the conference ‘Magical Thinking: Towards a Future Worth Living’ at Sonic Acts Academy, Amsterdam.

This conference proposes the ​magical thinking’ – a belief that thoughts and actions can influence the world – as a provocation. In current dystopian scenarios of future life on Earth, from environment to democracy, imagining a future worth living might reduce anxiety that paralyses action, thereby creating an openness to more inclusive thinking. The questions that need answering are: What is a future worth living (and for whom)? Which tactics can get us there? How can one get from climate emergency and catastrophic populism, fuelled by extractive capitalism, to a world of social/​ecological justice and multispecies equality? With focus on artistic research and strategies of visibility and mobilisation through art, this forum wishes to open up critical discussions and propose routes towards a future worth living.