(The Forest Case)

Two-Part Exhibition at Entrée and Trykkeriet, Bergen, Norway, 26 April - 02 June 2019

Skogsaken (The Forest Case) combines forestry history with new image technologies. With Bergen´s local history as backdrop and artificial intelligence as optics, the project explores how nature is shaped and mediated.

Liquid Properties

Collaboration with Marjolijn Dijkman

Exhibition at OSL Contemporary, Oslo, NO. 24 May - 29 June 2019

The exhibition Liquid Properties at OSL Contemporary presents three bodies of work realised in collaboration with Marjolijn Dijkman; Liquid Properties, Reclaiming Vision and Aberrations.

The exhibition is accompanied by the text Becoming Aquatic Eyewitness by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, director of the Office for curating in Rotterdam.


Imaginary Networks included in the exhibition Dataesthetics

Foreman Art Gallery, Sherbrooke, Quebec, CA. January 17 - March 23, 2019

Dataesthetics focuses on a new aesthetic paradigm emerging from the ongoing revolution in data visualization. In a veritable sea of data, where the mathematical sublime as conveyed through Big Data influences how we read the world, graphic designers tasked with schematization become modern-day oracles, enunciators of knowledge and visual rhetoricians. The exhibition presents artists’ epistemological reflections on data collection and processing, the construction of knowledge and the rhetorical power of data visualization. Covering a wide spectrum of approaches ranging from craftsmanship and community art to digital and logarithmic modelling, Dataesthetics looks at the representational techniques developed to make sense of today’s world. Curated by Gentiane Bélanger. Artists: Richard Ibghy et Marilou Lemmens, Toril Johannessen, Katie Holland Lewis, Jeannine Mosely, Phillip David Stearns, Colleen Wolstenholme.

The Invention and Conclusion of the Eye

Published by Filip and Plug in Editions

The manuscript for The Invention and Conclusion of the Eye is published as part of Supplement, an occasional pamphlet series by Filip. Produced in partnership with Plug In ICA, Winnipeg, The Invention and Conclusion of the Eye presents a possible future of human vision told through a narrative conversation between a sole protagonist and a computer. Interwoven with contemporary and historical diagrams plotting various aspects of sight, the work depicts vision as a historical construct evolving alongside technology. Published in English, Norwegian, and French.